Do’s & Don’ts for sealed maintenance free (SMF) batteries

Want to ensure that you maximize the lifespan of your SMF battery and get the best value for money and the most use out of it? Sealed maintenance batteries can be used for a number of different purposes and to power a variety of electrical products, but it’s important to understand when and how to use them.

Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd is a trustworthy channel partners, traders, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and dealers of a wide range of Exide Battery, Quanta Battery, Panasonic Battery, Rocket Battery etc… We have put together a list of all the dos and don’ts to bear in mind when charging and using SMF batteries.

Do’s :-

  • Always store the battery in cool and covered areas.
  • Read the installation manual before starting installation of the batteries.
  • Keep the battery away from sparks, heat source or fire.
  • Charge the battery once in 3 months, in case the battery has been kept unused or ideal.
  • If you find a battery is damaged before installation, stop the installation and inform mfg.
  • If you find dust accumulated on the battery, clean it with a dry cloth.
  • Use proper sized cables along with correct plugs and crimping during installation.
  • Set the charging parameters as mentioned in the maintenance manual.
  • Charge the batteries immediately after discharge as per specification.
  • All terminal bolts have to be tightened with spring washers and apply torque. The tightness of all bolts to be checked once in every 6 months.
  • Record the currents & voltages once in a month in the prescribed format or register.
  • Maintain the same AH & brand for a bank.
  • Provide proper isolation between battery and battery rack.

Don’ts :-

  • Do not keep the battery in direct sunlight, dust or moist place.
  • Do not add any acid or DM water in case of SMF battery.
  • Do not tamper the vent plugs.
  • Do not over tight/under tight the terminal bolts which may cause terminal breakage or fire due to loose contact.
  • Do not allow any metal object to rest on the battery – this may cause short circuit.
  • Do not mix with different capacities, different make, different types (VRLA, Flooded/ Tubular batteries) and different manufactures’ batteries in the same circuit.
  • No cell tapping will be allowed during the service life.
  • Do not use underrating cables for connecting the battery.
  • Never install any type of battery in a completely sealed container. Sufficient ventilation to be provided for air circulation.
  • Do not allow discharged battery for more than 12 hours in idle condition.
  • Do not deep discharge the battery below specified limits.

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