Factors to consider while buying UPS

A UPS or uninterruptible power supply acts as a power-backup device for all the connected appliances in case the main supply fails. It employs a rectifier-battery-inverter setup which stores energy when the supply is available and feeds it during power cuts and blackouts. A UPS protects the connected gadgets from switching-off suddenly, thereby preventing data or functional loss of appliances. Costa power is renowned ups dealers for all global brands available in market.

What is a used UPS? 

As the name suggests, used UPSs are generally devices that have been refurbished to serve a second life. In the case of certified ones, the battery and other electronic equipment included generally have a considerably long life. When users upgrade their installed capacity, they are required to switch their current UPS with a higher rating one and thus the existing UPS is sent out of commission well within their working lifetime. Such UPSs become used UPS. Costa power offers very cost effective solution in used ups in Mumbai, India.

How do UPSs work? 

Their working is the same as any other standard UPS. It keeps its battery charged at all times by drawing power from the mains through a rectifier system. When the supply power fails, the battery sends its stored energy to the connected appliances to keep them running temporarily, giving users the buffer time to save data and properly shut down the apparatus or run the connected appliances until main supply resumes. Have any question visit www.upsbatteriesindia.com as costa power itself a brand for ups dealers, ups supplier, ups battery dealers in Mumbai along with ups amc and ups repair service

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What all to check before buying a UPS? 

  • Price: The price of the UPS will vary depending on the use that the device has seen. If it is still within its warranty period, the cost might be near to its original price..
  • Power rating: The output required cannot exceed the power the UPS is designed to supply. So, check the installed appliances. 

Features of a Costa UPS 

  • Economical and cost-effective as compared to other UPSs.
  • When within its warranty period, works exactly the same as any new device..
  • When purchased from certified dealers as Costa Power, they come with full customer support.

Applications of used UPSs 

  1. Perfect for home or office appliances which need backup power
    1. Can be used at data centers when there is a revenue crunch initially.
    2. To provide backup to digital display boards and televisions.

Can be utilized as an alternate source of power in industries for shorter durations.

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