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Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. provides and offers comprehensive ups amc and non-comprehensive ups amc as ups amc services in Mumbai and ups amc vendor in India to support your critical power and electronic equipment to run 24x7…. We help you out with the solution and gives assurance to manage and maintained your company’s infrastructure by maximum protection with flawless solution as reliable ups amc vendors. Costa Power also conducts electrical work on site like ups battery installation, ups battery replacement, ups preventive maintenance, site audit, ups load study and more. That will give clients confidence for his safety for the equipment’s to ensure your critical equipment and power system. As service and solution provider, we will assure and manage healthy solution and ups Repair service in Mumbai by following measures

Costa Power taking ups amc vendors in mumbai for all global brand ups manufacuterers like APC ups amc services in Mumbai, Emerson ups amc services in Mumbai, hitachi ups amc in India, ups amc services in Mumbai, Thane and all pan India location.

Online ups in each KVA rating and ups battery backup systems are very sensitive issue and so it should be taken care utmost to enhance life of ups battery systems and ups battery life for almost 99% uptime during performance. Costa Power having expertise and experience in the field to ensure hassle-free in ups amc services in Mumbai as well in all parts of Mumbai. Therefore Costa's ups amc services division classified its ups amc services in three major parts with so called different ups amc services and covers ups battery systems.

In Platinum ups amc contract it covers all the spare parts during maintenance excluding Wound and natural calamities. Provide high priority assistance in breakdown and regular ups preventive maintenance if necessary as ups amc vendor. Reports are provided with recommendation and precaution for 99% uptime in critical application. Sometime, we provide ups standby unit with minimal cost if downtime takes longer duration for ups repair to reduce downtime.

Costa's has again special features of ups amc vendor in Mumbai like platinum and mostly clients prefer it. It covers all features like ups battery replacement, ups amc, ups preventive maintenance and ups repairs if needed except ups standby unit during down time. We provide this ups amc service with great importance considering criticalness of equipment’s at their best ups battery systems.

In silver package of ups amc services there are very basic features of ups AMC contract have wherein we provide ups amc and ups preventive maintenance during breakdown. At the time of ups repairs customer have to bear the ups spare cost.

Apart from above we are doing third party ups AMC service for global brand ups manufacturers. In which we provide engineer and technical assistance for ups battery replacement, ups amc services, ups battery testing, ups preventive maintenance and ups repair service in Mumbai and in India as ups amc vendor. Average life of ups battery systems is 3 to 5 years and therefore ups battery replacement is also one of challenge so Costa is having expertise in the ups battery replacement activities. Costa feels proud to provide all type of ups amc contracts in Mumbai as well as in all parts of India with special ups amc services like ups on rent , standby ups for projects and purchasing scrap battery or used ups battery.

Ups amc services in Mumbai will be taken for ups battery products after specific warranty period. Our work talk better than us and by that we are leading and well-known ups amc service in thane for all recognized global brand ups manufacturers. We always believe in ups amc vendors in Mumbai at regular interval to avoid break down ups maintenance so can all equipment’s run smoothly without any disturbance and take care of your ROI. We are ready to take any kind of challenge in industrial ups amc serivces with comprehensive ups amc as well as non-comprehensive ups amc ups amc contract. In part one we covers all parts failure in ups preventive maintenance part with almost no down time. Our ups amc division also caters in ups on hire for specific time with ups battery suppliers or without ups battery backup in Mumbai

Costa Power offers through the organization ALWAYS UPS PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE 10kVA - 120kVA upto 8 units in parallel operation galvanic isolation at output line with the protect of latest technology of international brand you will benefit from a robust and easy to operate UPS battery meeting the relevant EMC and other international standards. It can be custom-designed for use in harsh industrial environments. With an expected lifetime of at least 20 years, the Protect 8 is a robust and cost-effective ups battery solutions optimized for minimal operating costs.

We just don’t do sales but take care of after sales ups amc services with core interest. As we are best ups dealers in Mumbai and after warranty period able to provide ups amc services in India, ups amc vendors in Mumbai and try to reach up to client satisfaction. Being a leading ups suppliers in India we never forget client after sales but giving top priority to ups amc service also. Costa Power carrys standard from the date of ups battery installation or dispatch for any ups battery manufacturing defects. Costa have fare network to reach any location in India for ups amc service with all kinds of part availability. At crucial juncture if necessary we provide standby ups solution upto ups repairs if ups battery system in ups amc contract with Costa Power. We serve client as such throughout the year our team is in touch with them for any kind of solution for ups battery suppliers in Mumbai or ups suppliers in India. Our ups amc service team is very dedicated to work at any location with any given time and day consists of experienced and highly professional Engineers for ups preventive maintenance and ups breakdown or ups repair with time bound in ups amc contract.

In any infrastructure and industrial unit or commercial center a site survey is always a critical first step. ups battery system dealers ensures the appropriate ups battery solution is in place for your business or facility to save energy and keeps equipment’s in good condition. For designing and providing proper ups battery solution takes the extra time upfront to ensure all power requirements and considerations have been taken into account before designing a ups battery backup systems with ups system integration.

Using our technical experience, we guide you through the data center design process; ensuring that all facility infrastructure issues are thoroughly addressed prior to product procurement and ups battery installation

  • Annual Maintenance Contract - AMC (1KVA to 1000KVA)
  • AMC of Multi-brand ups systems – APC, Emerson, Numeric, Luminous, Eaton etc.
  • ups Maintenance & Repair ( 1KVA to 1000KVA )
  • Up gradation of existing ups
  • Three Level Emergency Call Escalation Service
  • Trained & Experience Engineers from the field
  • Guaranteed 2 Hours response time
  • Ample technical support with Standby service available.
  • Most important aspect of our service is PM will do as per needed.
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