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Due course of time all businesses purchase UPS equipment for the same reason: to protect their data and equipment during power outages. When a UPS fails, companies often quickly replace it with an expensive new unit, resulting in a hit to both their productivity and budget. Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. UPS repair service in Mumbai as well across India is a better solution. For about 50% of the cost of a replacement unit, Costa Power can repair your all make UPS and quickly return your unit complete with new UPS batteries and a full six month to one year warranty.

Costa Power UPS repair process:

Our team of ups-trained technicians performs over thirty “checks” and all necessary reconfiguration in order to rectify unit to ups specifications and add years of life to each unit. As the only company with access to ups Engineering Change Orders, repaired units often leave our shop working better than the originals.

Why Choose Us to UPS Repairing Service or ups amc service?

Servicing your unit through our repair program typically costs about 50% less than purchasing new, and our expert repair methods can extend the life of your unit for another 3-5 years. Plus, when you choose ups repair from Costa Power your business is taking an important step by choosing the green alternative —  keeping ups units that still have life out of landfills.

UPS repair in Mumbai and Return Is Easy and Efficient

Costa Power makes UPS repair service and return a simple process; we deploy packing materials and shipping labels directly to your site to retrieve a unit in need of repair. Once the unit hits our dock, we’ll completely recondition the unit, including the installment of new batteries, complete recalibration of the unit, and execution of any applicable ECO’s, if needed. Once the unit is completely recertified, we’ll send it back to you.

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