Applications of a Digital UPS

The main work of a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is to act as a power backup and provide protection in case of power surges and power outages. When there is a loss of power from the main source, the UPS is used as a safety mechanism. Generally, a digital UPS converts the main AC power into DC, which is used to charge its battery and provide power backup with the help of an inverter. It is mostly used in places where electrical isolation is required. It can also be said that it is capable of bridging the gap between electronic equipment’s power requirement and the incoming utility power.

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Applications of a digital UPS :-

  • A digital UPS is used for regulating computer loads as well as providing full protection to versatile electrical appliances.
  • In case of a short circuit, overvoltage or deficiency of current, the device is used to provide necessary protection so that the appliance is not damaged.
  • Digital UPS systems can also be used with telecommunication devices and ATM machines.
  • Digital UPS can also be used for current conversion
  • It is also widely used with telecommunication systems, accessing medical equipment and Local Area Networks.
  • It can also be used for fault indication purposes so that immediate measures can be taken to prevent any damage.

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