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Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a trustworthy channel partner, trader, distributor, wholesaler, retailer and dealer of a wide range of Rocket battery dealers, Rocket battery dealers in Mumbai, Rocket battery supplier in Mumbai. As headquarter is in Mumbai Suburbs and branches across at PAN India with residential executives and engineers. Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. had started its operation in the field of Electrical, Automation, Instrumentation, Energy Saving and Control with qualified & highly experience working team with solid technical expertise background.

As the name suggests VRLA means Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries which are prominently used for ups application both in stand by and cyclic use and costa power is renown Rocket tubular battery dealers in Mumbai for its use. Costa power recommends Rocket SMF battery in Mumbai because Rocket's Superior Gas recombination technology ensures that more than 90% of the electrolyte is reused resulting into very low water loss and confirms its maintenance free operation.

We are topmost seller of Rocket battery service in Mumbai for its remarkable range of ups and inverter battery in Mumbai. All rocket battery backup supplier developed in accordance with the guidance of experienced quality inspectors as per international guidelines. Costa power offers with eco-friendly customer price for their use in offices, hotels and homes, Industrial use, Home ups in Mumbai, power station plants and many other projects. ups battery in Thane has famous for its optimum performance, Easy installation, and High efficiency and less water loss.


Rocket battery in Mumbai is available in a wide range which includes 12V cells VRLA and sealed lead calcium batteries. To fit the varied requirements we are engaged in offering flawless rocket battery in thane and in India as per customer require for their home ups in Mumbai or industrial ups in Mumbai and across India. Costa offered Rocket battery in Mumbai which is manufactured under the supervision of expert professionals by making use of the supreme quality raw material and other components.Costa power is leading ups battery supplier in Mumbai of reputed brands of ups battery i.e. Rocket. We are engaged in providing entire range of Rocket SMF battery in Mumbai with advance technology with VRLA for multiple applications. The use of high purity calcium alloy maximizes the longevity of Rocket battery dealers in Mumbai to ensure excellent performance in any circumstances.

Costa believes in unique construction coupled with the use of special sealing epoxies and long sealing paths. We offers rocket battery for ups to ensure safe and excellent efficient operation in any position. Rocket batteries have excellent deep discharge recovery and charge acceptance ever after deep on prolonged discharge. Costa offering Rocket SMF battery dealers in Mumbai for the use in exide battery backup supplier, Home ups supplier, Telecoms communication equipments, fire alarm and security systems, medical einstruments, emergency lighting, computer backup, solar panel supplier in mumbai, industrial ups system and many other home ups,industrial machinery or commercial centers.

Technical Specifications
BATTERY Type NominalVoltage (V) Rated Capacity MAXIMUM CHARGING VOLTAGE   Dimensions WEIGHT
20hr 1.75 V Cell 10hr 1.75 V Cel 5hr 1.70V Cell 3hr 1.60V Cell 1hr 1.60V Cell Charging Current (A) Stand By Use V Cycle Use(V) LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT


ES 7-12 12 7 6.5 6 5.5 4.35 1.7 13.50 TO 13.80 V
at 20(°C) (68°F) 14.4 TO
15 V
at 20(°C) (68°F)
151 65 94 99 2.40
ES 12-12 12 12 11.2 10.5 9.45 7.9 3 152 98 95 101 4.05
ES 18-12 12 18 16.7 15.3 13.9 11.8 4.5 181 76 167 167 5.80
ES 26-12 12 26 24 22.1 19.5 15.8 6.5 166 175 125 125 9.10
ES 42-12 12 42 39 35.0 32.5 25.2 10.5 196 163 170 170 14.44
ES 65-12 12 65 60.5 58 50 41 16 350 166 175 175 23.30
ESC 100-12 12 100 95 85 78 65 25   329 172 214 221 32.80
ESC 120-12 12 120 111.5 102 90 74 30   407 173 210 235 38.00
ESC 150-12 12 150 140 129.5 121 97 37.5   483 170 220 220 46.00
ESC 200-12L 12 200 187 172 160 128 50   500 226 235 235 66.00
ESC 200-12 12 200 187 172 160 128 50   520 260 210 240 66.00
  • Non-Spillable Sealed Construction
  • Absorptive Glass Mat System (AGM)
  • ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
  • Gas Recombination
  • Maintenance-Free Operation
  • Low Pressure Venting System
  • Heavy Duty Grids
  • Low Self-Discharge - Long Shelf Life
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • High Recovery Capability
  • Absorptive Glass Mat(AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99% and freedom from electrolyte maintenance or water adding.
  • Not restricted for air transport-complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67.
  • UL-recognized component.
  • Can be mounted in any orientation.
  • Long services life, float or cyclic applications
  • 2V Cells VRLA
  • Tubular Battery
  • Sealed Calcium

Costa is a global leader in providing, designing, serving that enables in ups, server room, data centers, battery backup solution for office, commercial centers. Supplier & Distributors for Global Brands such as Vertiv, APC, Numeric, Luminous & Microtek and ups batteries like Exide, Panasonic, Rocket & Quanta

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