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Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a power management company with ups professionals and experts in the field more than decades. We are certified company with ISO 9001: 2015 registration. By this expertise we provide energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Costa Power is having immense proud for ups distributor, ups dealer, ups supplier and ups amc service provider of online ups supplier in mumbai, Off Line ups, Battery backup system, of AC to DC, DC to AC and AC to AC power Products. Costa Power is having dedicated sales and service force with ethical and profession attitude across PAN India somewhere residential support to provide service by 24 x 7 hours...

Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is ups supplier, chain of ups manufacturers in mumbai, ups manufacturers in Thane, ups manufacturers of global brands such as APC ups, Emerson ups, Numeric ups, Luminous ups, Microtek ups etc. Costa power provides battery backup system with customized solutions and ups amc nationwide with a strong presence in the thane, Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs, Maharashtra interior parts and in India.

Uninterruptible Power supplier(ups). Power protection and management solutions from home to data center to industrial environments provided by Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. We are ups battery dealers and Emerson ups supplier, APC ups dealer, Luminous inverter dealer, Numeric ups dealer and Microtek ups dealer. We provide solution for ups battery dealer in mumbai, ups battery supplier in mumbai and proud to be supplier of Exide battery supplier, Panasonic battery supplier, Rocket battery supplier and Quanta Battery in mumbai. Our expertise in providing solar energy project to save environment and for the purpose we delivered service in solar panel supplier in mumbai for Pranshant solar and Acutech. As we have technical expertise in ups we are taking ups amc in mumbai to serve client in better way and build healthy business relation. To consider Power fluctuation we render sales and service for Servo Stabilizer in mumbai. After all our team take care of all power products sales and service with competent team

Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is empowered to in driving the company's suppliers and service capabilities with professional services attributes in the all-regions like Thane, Mumbai, and Maharashtra and in India. As Costa Power operates from hearts of financial capital Mumbai suburbs and located in Thane District.


Lean on Costa Power team with knowledge and expertise in Power industries actually from the field more than decades experience to help design and build a solution for your challenges with prefabricated but highly customizable solution with low risk and high value implementations.

Costa Power is having reputation and well known for ups dealers in Mumbai, ups dealer in thane and Mumbai Suburbs. We are in power industries to supplier and distributors of electronic products like APC ups in mumbai, online ups supplier, Home ups dealers, Inverter dealers, ups battery dealers, solar panel in mumbai, precision cooling system, server racks for IT sectors and banks,DG sets and ups dealer in mumbai and electrical products.

Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is widely well known among the best in the industry for providing, solutions and services for ups system of all brands like APC ups dealers, Emerson ups dealers, Numeric ups dealers, Luminous ups dealers, Microtek ups dealers. We have customized solution according to clients need with their allowed budget in power industry. We are engaged in offering ups amc in mumbai for ups dealer in mumbai and for all different brand of ups from 1KVA 1000KVA with comprehensive and con comprehensive Solution with high end IT Solutions services. We pride ourselves in providing the services in the most efficient and professional manner at timely execution as we treat clients like our partners.

We have started as dealers and distributors of Standard ups system in mumbai and ups smf Battery, specializing in Power and electronics Industry. Since our collaboration, we have been providing reliable solution and service to our clients in Mumbai, thane, Maharashtra and all region of India... Our employee dedication with their expertise and high quality service have earned reputation and satisfied clients respectively. Costa Power providing time-bound delivery with cost-effective solutions and no hidden cost. Due to we have grown as preferred business associates of hundreds of happy customers across various industrial sectors.

We are growing with the latest technology by latest innovations to match industries requirements, for these purpose we are continuously adapting with learning and updating ourselves with the global standards by providing proper solution and services to our clients. Our ethical and professional approach have earned us the believe of our clients from all of the industry with all region by their repeated orders from same clients.

Costa Power strengthen the bridge and widening gap between demand and ups supplier in Mumbai, the country, the need for battery backup system has become essential for commercial as well as industrial setups, besides households. ... According to study and survey we believe people, the INR 10,000 crore industries expected to grow at the rate of 15-20 per cent year on year basis.

Costa power provides ups battery backup in Mumbai with customized solutions and ups amc services nationwide with a strong presence in the thane, Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs, Maharashtra interior parts and in India.

Costa is on mission to create a relationship with customer that is based on superior & quality service, best-in-market products and expert ups system in Mumbai based that assures our customers the highest level of availability, functionality and durability for their mission critical environments.

We feel proud as we are the experts in battery upkeep. Our Experts and technician analyze the interaction between ups battery in Mumbai and ups dealer in Mumbai to provide facilities with multiple ups battery maintenance solutions in two important areas: battery testing and battery replacement.

Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is providing ups amc vendors in Mumbai will be taken for ups products after specific warranty period. Our work talk better than us and by that we are leading and well-known ups amc service in Mumbai for all recognized global ups brands. We always believe in ups amc services in mumbai at regular interval to avoid break down maintenance so can all equipment’s run smoothly without any disturbance and take care of your ROI. We are ready to take any kind of challenge in ups amc service in thane with comprehensive as well as non-comprehensive ups amc service in mumbai. In part one we covers all parts failure in maintenance part with almost no down time. Our amc division also caters in ups on hire for specific time with battery back up supplier or without battery backup in mumbai

Our solution expert’s partner with deliver the best in data center ups amc & ups amc services in india and emergency power services by providing design that utilizes proven and reliable technology with flexible and robust power solutions. Costa team having emergency unit who take cares of 24/7 emergency response. Because we provide and offer scalable solutions that adapt to your changing environment. We recommend customer of regular maintenance extending the life of the ups. As we mentioned earlier we are on mission and that suggest prompt service from a team that understands the need for reliable mission critical power.

Costa is a global leader in providing, designing, serving that enables in ups, server room, data centers, battery backup solution for office, commercial centres. Supplier & Distributors for Global Brands such as Vertiv, APC, Numeric, Luminous & Microtek and ups batteries like Exide, Panasonic, Rocket & Quanta

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