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There are three main types of UPS batteries which is Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Flooded Cell or VLA batteries, Lithium Ion batteries. Costa power Industries Pvt. Ltd is market leader for Exide battery dealers in Mumbai with other make like quanta battery dealers, Rocket battery dealers in Mumbai and all parts of India. The run-time for a battery-operated UPS depends on the type and size of batteries and rate of discharge, and the efficiency of the inverter.

When a lead–acid battery is charged or discharged, this initially affects only the reacting chemicals, which are at the interface between the electrodes and the electrolyte. Due to the interface charge, brief UPS self-test functions lasting only a few seconds may not accurately reflect the true runtime capacity of a UPS, and instead an extended recalibration or rundown test that deeply discharges the battery is needed. CPIPL expert’s team provides proper solution for Exide battery backup for ups system as well other make. We overall expertise as Exide battery dealers, ups battery dealers, Exide battery suppliers for all projects requirements for their power backups.

CPIPL have expertise as Exide battery dealers in Mumbai as well all parts of India i.e. Battery strings wired in series – parallel can develop unusual failure modes due to interactions between the multiple parallel strings. It will help out to find defective batteries in one string can adversely affect the operation and lifespan of good or new batteries in other strings. These issues also apply to other situations where series-parallel strings are used, not just in ups but in all application of power source. Costa power emerges as well-known wholesaler, trader, dealers and supplier of Exide battery, Quanta battery, Rocket battery and Panasonic battery with package solution with site survey, installation and yearly maintenance.

CPIPL proves himself as ups battery dealers in Mumbai as well if we talk specifically Exide battery dealers in Mumbai as well other brands like quanta battery supplier & Rocket Battery dealers and battery suppliers in Mumbai by client’s faith for giving repeated orders and asking for solution. We provide not only sales but priority always been given to service and satisfaction to client without any kind of delays. We Costa power proud ourselves as leading ups dealers, ups suppliers, ups distributors, ups battery dealers in Mumbai and with PAN India Network along with vendors and residential supports. We get appreciation / appreciated by clients for our significant ups amc service and ups amc vendors for their annual maintenance contract for ups from lower KVA to higher KVA of any make.

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