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Technology runs the world, and in our ever-connected global space, a major power outage will bring life as we know it to a standstill. All the gadgets, machinery, and services in the civilized world depend upon electricity, and if power is cut out for an extended period, it would not only cause great inconvenience but also cost businesses and industries to suffer massive losses. That’s where a UPS system comes in.

A power blackout could last for a couple of hours or even a few days, and completely disrupt people’s lives. As we’ve understood all too well here in the India, you never know when a blackout can occur, and natural disasters like hurricanes or floods only exacerbate the issue. The best way to deal with them is by using emergency backup power from a UPS, also known as an uninterruptible power supply system. It takes over during power cuts and provides a reliable power supply to keep electricity flowing in any home or establishment. Also, as a UPS relies on batteries for power not an engine like a generator, the transfer to the back-up power source is seamless without exposing your equipment to the drop in power while an engine gets up and running.

In addition to uninterrupted power, a UPS system also monitors and controls power fluctuations and surges so that critical equipment and internal systems don’t incur any electrical damage or short circuit. Even though small businesses can function without electricity for a couple of hours, some industries are dependent on continuous electricity and will collapse entirely in a power blackout. We will be discussing the top industries that need a UPS system at all costs.

1. Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities have much vital equipment and machinery that help keep patients alive, and these devices need a UPS system. For example, a blackout during surgery could be fatal for a patient as the machines monitoring and keeping them alive would shut down without electricity. There are various life-support machines in the hospital like ventilators and heart-rate monitors that must be powered on continuously.

A power blackout could lead to the death of patients in the medical facility, which is why a UPS system is a necessity in the establishment. A UPS system will not only ensure a continuous power supply but will regulate power surges and spikes to ensure essential devices aren’t damaged. Sensitive medical equipment can suffer serious damage from inconsistent power. The immediate takeover of the UPS system also prevents vital life-saving machines from stopping even for a second.

2. IT and Consulting Services

Data centers and IT departments would be vulnerable to data loss and security breaches if a power outage occurs. Organizations can’t afford to lose valuable data and sensitive information due to a power cut, which compromises their systems and could potentially ruin their reputation. The IT network of a data center could be vulnerable to hackers or a cyber-attack if the system goes offline for hours.

That is where a UPS system proves to be essential for this industry, as it prevents such scenarios by ensuring that the internal network and servers of an IT department or data center are always online.

3. Financial Institutions

Financial institutions such as the stock market or the banks could face substantial losses during a power blackout. Today, financial transactions are all done digitally through the click of a button, and hackers could take advantage of a power outage to steal money and take over the system. A UPS system is essential for banks and financial institutions as it ensures that online transactions and digital payments are not delayed, halted, or fall into the wrong hands.

4. Emergency Services

Emergency services such as government, 911 call centers, transportation control centers, water department control centers, cannot experience power delays or loss. In the event of any type of emergency, natural disaster, or for everyday services to remain reliable, the added protection of a UPS is necessary to maintain critical operations.

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