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Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. provides and design a new concept of Single Phase UPS that combines a modular architecture based on 10kVA/kW and 15kVA/kW hot-swappable power modules with a customizable set of options. CPIPL'S range of Single Phase UPS contains Single Phase uninterruptible power supply in all power classes with Single phase output power. These 1-phase UPS are specifically adapted to the requirements of an IT environment. We dealing APC Single phase ups dealers, Numeric Single phase ups dealers, Emerson Single phase ups dealers, Luminous Single phase ups dealers, Hitachi Single phase ups dealers, Microtek Single phase ups dealers & Delta ups Single phase dealers. Here, an uninterruptible power supply is essential to ensure a smooth operation and sufficient data protection. With Single phase UPS, computers and servers are protected against insufficient power quality and shut down running processes in a controlled way during any power cuts.

Especially for home applications, the Protect Home offers data line surge protection for telephones, faxes and modems. Connections are made directly to the Single Phase UPS outlets. Protect Home proves itself in critical situations with its high availability due to a reliable overload and voltage protection.

Avoid irreparable damage to your data and system that can cause significant financial loss caused by over voltage or power surges. With easy installation, the compact uninterruptible power supply, Protect A will assure device protection and provide several minutes runtime in case of main power failure. It is ideal for office, network and telecom peripherals.

Protect your system against loss of data when it matters with an uninterruptible power supply. The Protect Alpha series offers effective and economical data protection during power failure, dangerous power surges and voltage fluctuations.

Protect B is a product specially designed to provide power backup for small and medium enterprises and home businesses and is perfect for protecting ATMs, 3D printers, workstations, PCs, and other IT applications.

With its high power factor of 0.9, Protect B Pro is one of the most efficient power supply systems with VI protection technology. Its advanced battery management system enables extended battery lifetime as there is a decrease of pole corrosion.

Protect C is a true VFI / double conversion online UPS. The ECO and frequency inverter operation modes highlight the requirements for a modern versatile UPS. Protect C series is also available on request as a rack mount version as well as a version with longer battery backup time. Today we have team of regular employee, free lancers & vendors working with our esteemed clients at different part of India such as single phase ups supplier & single phase ups dealers in Mumbai, single phase ups amc in Mumbai, Mulund, Nahur, Bhandup, Kanjurmarg, Vikhroli, Pawai, Andheri. It is our expertise and dedication that our clients have come to know and expects us to render our sales and service with the help of Principle company like single phase Emerson ups (Vertiv) in mumbai, single phase APC ups in mumbai, single phase Numeric ups in mumbai, single phase Luminous ups in mumbai, single phase Microtek ups in mumbai.

The level of proximity industrial online ups is a modular online UPS system with a high operating AC/DC efficiency and compact footprint. The Industrial ups dealers in mumbai is based on a 2U high 10kVA/kW power module, providing up to 40 kVA maximum capacity or 30 kVA N+1 configurations. Industrial ups battery dealers is a modular online UPS system with a high operating AC/DC efficiency and compact footprint.

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Costa Power offers through the organization ALWAYS MAINTENANCE 10 - 120 kVA up to 8 units in parallel operation galvanic isolation at output line with the protect of latest technology of international brand you will benefit from a robust and easy to operate UPS meeting the relevant EMC and other international standards. It can be custom-designed for use in harsh industrial environments. With an expected lifetime of at least 20 years, the Protect 8 is a robust and cost-effective solution optimized for minimal operating costs.

Costa Power designed to meet the toughest product customization, requirements for specific mechanical protection degree, input & output voltage, battery and autonomy times and comes with the desired documentation. Benefit from a guaranteed short lead time, extremely high electrical and mechanical robustness, high reliability and a small footprint. And with its own personnel the following services:

  • Preventive maintenance :- Costa Power design solution of a capacity of up to 600 kVA, ensuring the safe operation of your critical loads. By this designed to meet the toughest application requirements and offers high reliability with efficient 12 pulse rectifier technology for sinusoidal input current and for reduced input current harmonic distortion
  • Corrective maintenance Installation and startup :- Industrial online ups is the modular UPS system that combines high AC/AC efficiency values with a compact footprint and a flexible and scalable architecture, able to reach up to 900 kVA. ALWAYS MAINTENANCE has over 30 years of experience in the market and personnel have been trained on several occasions at The combination of high-level performance, with integrated battery solutions, or inbuilt galvanic isolation, the compact footprint and the wide range of options, make industrial online UPS the best solution for the power quality of any critical load.

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