Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. Is a Top UPS manufacturers in India of uninterrupted power supply, UPS system, Online UPS, Industrial online ups, Online UPS manufacturer, UPS power supply, Lead acid battery, SMF battery.

Customer-specific requirements make our work so much more interesting.

Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. has enjoyed success as a ups Supplier, manufacturer and Service Provider on the market for uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) for almost remarkable  years. Over those years, we have become a watchword for reliability and quality and we are one of India’s leading Distributors & manufacturers of UPS systems. This success was only possible through continuous further development involving the use of innovative technologies, efficient solutions for power storage and management and the commitment of, at the present time, about 80 Employees & payroll staff.

Costa Power is also your competent point of contact for Emerson / APC / Hitachi & Numeric and BPE UPS systems and for very short production runs of standard housing or for installation in control cabinets or on top hat rails. We also supply SMF Batteries of Exide & Quanta Amaron Make, inverters, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, power units for all needs as well as DC UPS units for the telecommunications sector or for wireless operators. Our product range is now supplemented by our successful photovoltaic products.

Costa Power also has a global sales network that makes our product available in more than 70 countries around the world.

For the management of uninterruptible power supply systems, access to important data is just as important as having batteries that function reliably: For the management of your UPS equipment, all ways forward are open with Costa Power thanks to proven software and optimum expansion hardware – from automatic alarm systems to remote control of UPS systems.

Uninterruptible power supply units with a great price-performance ratio. Due to their design as devices, the Line-Interactive systems from Costa Power offer a cost-effective way of protecting telecommunications systems, desktop PCs, CAD systems, PLC controllers or small servers

Online double conversion UPS from CPIPL are the ideal way to protect sensitive computers, measuring devices and other items of equipment that depend upon an excellent quality of power supply – even when there is a mains power failure. This means that continuous UPS converters from CPIPL do more than protect against voltage spikes and voltage fluctuations. They also convert the outgoing frequency of current into the optimum frequency range and deliver clean sine voltage.

Having full control over the performance capability of batteries is important for the protection of valuable technical systems and devices. With its battery management range, CPIPL provides the hardware and software required to maintain full control at all times.

Customer-specific requirements make our work so much more interesting. We are always pleased to develop and build UPS units for tasks that require solutions that cannot be found in our standard catalog.

We design a UPS to have the performance capability that it needs in respect of power and protection level – either for powering down a technical facility safely after a mains power failure or to keep it operating for hours or even days. Examples of this would be important devices in hospitals, in public places or for other critically important systems.

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