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Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd has been in business for 5 years because we understand the importance of providing customers with the products and services you need coupled with exceptional levels of customer service in power industry having expertise in supply & service of online ups and offline ups in Industrial unit, Commercial Centre, start up and offices. We did ample installation in Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Hospital, Banks, warehouses and in many fields along with annual maintenance contract.

The business principles listed in our Mission Statement, Goals and Company Values reflect the way we conduct our business activities and ultimately create the kind of service our customers expect.

The continued success of our business is a direct result of the quality of the people we employ. This is reflected in the pride each employee takes in providing a quality service. We aim to build strong relationships with all employees through open and honest communication. We empower employees to be proactive and train them to make the right decisions.

Throughout our history we have operated in different markets and we are proud of the way we have adapted to changing circumstances to be where we are today. As a forward looking company we will continue to apply the sound principles listed in our Company Values and hope to be around for the next many more years.

At present, we have a diverse and talented team of over 50 staff, running innovative ideas to customer across India as our core areas ups battery supplier, Electric audit and stabilize the power with required back up and AMC service to all critical equipment and instruments. We work with trusted Global brands, top manufacturers of Uninterrupted Power Supplies, SMF & Tubular Batteries and leading corporates, Pvt Sector and Government sector. CPIPL is continuing to create new partnerships and new learning opportunities. We believe this work plays a vital role in creating deeper, more inclusive relationships between our partners & clients.

We also see our commitment to quality, timely delivery & Service and inclusion as one of the principal reasons for our continued success, and we are proud to share this experience and expertise with partners and customers throughout India.

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