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Every Industrial Appliance is different, and each area has its unique power challenges. The collective experience of our engineers and deployments is so broad that we have guidelines to provide an exact any challenge that could possibly pop up on the job site. Whether you have High Voltage or Low Voltage or Continuously varying voltage, we can provide you an apt servo voltage control Stabilizer Solution in India. Costa Power has pioneered the 3 Phase Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers, which are used widely for Industrial Applications.

A servo Stabilizer maufacturer in India is a Voltage motor controlled stabilization system that performs optimum voltage supplier using a Buck\Boost transformer booster that captures voltage fluctuations from input and regulates current to the correct output. Costa power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is top seller for best servo stabilizer dealer in Mumbai, servo stabilizer dealers in Bangalore, 3 phase Voltage stabilizer supplier in Mumbai and servo stabilizer maufacturer in thane from servo stabilizer 500VA to servo stabilizer 750kVA successfully. Due motor adjust voltage clockwise and anticlockwise direction with components like control card, dimmer, comparator, transistor and mocs etc.

Dimmer is normally round in the shape with copper wire used with specific turn ratio according to the capacity. Its basic purpose increase or decrease the voltage. And costa team knows the importance of buck boost transformer by which almost 50% of the output is increased or decreased by dimmer only. We are best servo stabilizer suppliers in India at our top priority to utilize in range of industry.

On the contrary Buck boost transformer rectangular in shape and 220v is required to run any single phase load will be done by Buck Boost transformer. Costa always look after the protection of equipment’s and that why we are reliable solution provider for servo voltage stabilizer supplier in Mumbai, servo stabilizer manufacturers Pune, servo stabilizer manufacturers in Hyderabad at our best because it is dipped in varnish tank for extra protection.Costa offers ecofriendly cost for 3 Phase servo stabilizer dealer in mumbai with buck boost transformers to encapsulate them before the servo stabilizer is ready for regress testing.


Servo voltage stabilizers have unique electronic circuits which are customized as per the requirement of the client. These electronic parts easily at servo voltage stabilizer dealers in Mumbai, servo voltage stabilizer manufacturers in India, servo voltage stabilizer suppliers in India and servo voltage stabilizer distibutors in Mumbai Electronic circuit send the signal to various parts of a Servo Voltage stabilizers in Mumbai like motor dimmer etc. so it can work according to the signals and does their part to correct the voltage. The MCB and MCCB normally used to switch on / off the voltage stabilizer and gives short circuit protection.

There are two types of Stabilizer one is relay based and the other is servo based. The major difference between the two is performance as voltage is a step less correction technologically superior to traditional relay transformers and gives accurate output.Costa power is offering single phase servo voltage stabilizer in Mumbai is popular replacement for low high rating appliance used in both commercial and residential places, homes and industries. Servo has both single phase and three phase systems coming in oil cooled servo voltage stabilizers in Mumbai and Air cooled servo voltage stabilizers in India. Costa power always preferred for servo stabilizer supplier and servo stabilizer distributors for servo voltage control stabilizer in Mumbai and servo voltage stabilizers in India along with service support accross Pan India.

Parameters Technical Details
Capacity available 0.5-30kva for single phase servo stabilizers & 3-1000kVA for three phase servo stabilzers available in Air cooled servo stabilizers and oil cooled servo stabilizers in India.
Primary voltage Standard: 230V for 1-phase
415V for 3-phase
Secondary voltage 230V for 1-phase
415V for 3-phase
Secondary voltage for step down Transformer 110V for 1-phase
220V for 3-phase
Impedance Less than 4%
Cooling Method Natural Air cooled
Vector Group Dyn!!
Dielectric Strength 2.5KV for 1 minute
Noise Attenuation 90Db/115Db
Frequency 47-53Hz
Insulation Class F/H
Winding connection Delta/Star
Efficiency Better than 97%
Environment Indoor Application
Mounting Metallic studs / Wheels
Standard Features True KVA Rating, High Efficiency, Wide Operating Range, DG Compatibility, Autostart, ​Energy saving, Overload & Short Circuit Protection, Easy LED Display, Digital VAF Meter, Heavy Duty Motors, SURGE PROTECTION DEVICES (CLASS I)*

Servo voltage Stabilizers with inbuilt Isolation Transformer and Servo voltage Stabilizers with inbuilt Ultra Isolation Transformer.


Not only it helps in providing stable voltage, but also eliminates

  • Neutral Related issues
  • Noise and Transients
  • Spikes and Surges
  • Other electrical disturbances
All the standard specifications and features of Servo Controlled Voltage
Specifications and features of Isolation and Ultra Isolation Transformers.
Noise Attenuation 90db / 115db
Efficiency Greater than 98%
Impedance Less than 4%
Winding connection Delta / Star
Dielectric Strength 2.5KV for 1 minute
Insulation class F/H

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