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UPS Battery Application

Oil & Gas :-

Costa Power industries Pvt Ltd has solutions to meet the power requirements typically found in applications such as exploration & production, rigs and platforms, pipelines, processing and storage facilities.

Power Generation :-

Safety and reliability are at stake in conventional and nuclear power generation. Mission-critical applications in the power generation, transmission or distribution industry need 100 % available highly reliable electrical power.


Railway :-

From tramway systems to high speed trains, Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd provides solutions to protect the integrity of assets and to guarantee the safety of staff and users.

Data & IT :-

Any power failure can have a devastating impact on mission-critical computers, communications and data, resulting in costly downtime. From surge protection for home office to utility-scale data center, Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd provides tailored solutions to customers’ needs for protection against main failures and secure power to avoid any data loss and guarantee the continuity of operations.


Energy Storage :-

Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd has the unique combination of expertise in power electronics, UPS, grid integration and battery to design and provide the core power electronics components of any battery energy storage system matching all types of applications

Transportation :-

Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd offers a full-range of reliable, cost-effective solutions to protect large transportation infrastructure and ensure the continuity of traffic and protect people’s safety.


General Industry :-

Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd offers a full-range of rugged, reliable, cost-effective solutions to ensure the continuity of manufacturing or data processing and protect people’s safety and assets.edicated power solution experts and 24 hour emergency hotline we can quickly provide a quote and recommendations for repair, refurbishment or other services and solutions.

Repair (in-house & on-site) :-

Our equipment is designed to have the highest uptime during its operational life. In the unlikely event a system failure occurs, quick repairs are necessary. We keep spare parts available round the world and we can support you quickly and efficiently. Documenting all repair events of our products provides us trends on number and frequency of breakdown events. With almost no downtime or cost of repair, it can be possible to extend the life time even longer through our refurbishment solutions.


Refurbishment :-

During annual maintenance our field service engineers will closely inspect critical components of your equipment. When the time has come, normally after the 10th operational year, Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd offers a refurbishment package for the extension of the lifetime eliminating the high replacement costs. Fans, capacitors and critical PCBs will be replaced leading to an additional decade of reliable power.

Retrofits :-

In situations where your Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd is part of a complete installation, taking out the cabinets can be a costly operation due to the site location or esthetics. CPIPL developed several retrofit kits to replace the control part or the whole control and power part of the DC charger without any problem according to our quality standards. Due to the limited weight of the new parts, this solution can be very cost effective especially for remote or Offshore locations.

We guarantee that a second lifecycle can be realized by choosing one of the retrofit kits of Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd.


Digital UPS:-

Applications of a digital UPS:

  • A digital UPS is used for regulating computer loads as well as providing full protection to versatile electrical appliances.
  • In case of a short circuit, overvoltage or deficiency of current, the device is used to provide necessary protection so that the appliance is not damaged.
  • Digital UPS systems can also be used with telecommunication devices and ATM machines.
  • Digital UPS can also be used for current conversion
  • It is also widely used with telecommunication systems, accessing medical equipment and Local Area Networks.
  • It can also be used for fault indication purposes so that immediate measures can be taken to prevent any damage.

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