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Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a having global exposure as Suppliers, Distributor and dealers of Precision cooling system, Precision cooling system supplies, Precision cooling in Control rooms, Precision cooling System distributor in Mumbai, Precision cooling System dealers in Mumbai. As headquarter is in economic capital of India, located in Mumbai and branches at PAN India. Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. had started its operation in the field Since years successfully offering turnkey project services in the field of Electrical, Automation, Instrumentation, Energy Saving and Control with qualified & experience working team with solid technical background.

Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. always looking and recommends to client precision cooling system rather than normal cooling equipment’s. Precision cooling is an air conditioning or cooling technology which is designed for use in IT equipment’s and is implemented in devices that directly cool electronic and industrial machinery, server room, data centers and ups system. This system has better air filtration capabilities. Costa power is best supplier for precision cooling in Mumbai with advanced humidity control mechanisms than standard cooling techniques.


We offer solution for precision cooling in Mumbai and India which helps to control and manage air flow for indoor IT devices and equipment’s. Moreover a precision cooling system supplier can be managed through software and programmatic access. Precision cooling allows IT managers to control the temperature, humidity and air flow in an IT environment. Besides environmental and device cooling, precision cooling also assists in removing internal heat generated from computers and equipment. A precision cooling system in Mumbai vents out all the heat to maintain a balanced, sensible heat ratio, such as dynamically adjusted cooling in relation to the heat in or temperature of the device/environment

Precision cooling system unitscan be installed in a modular rack design, which enables quick configuration and is readily expandable by load. Data center cooling by water is safe for the equipment it protects due in part to built-in leakage detectors, which can display leaks and offer alerts in a timely manner. With manual dehumidification capacity, Costa provides data center Precision cooling system offers a rapid and precise means of adjusting the level of moisture within the air, and keeping humidity levels within the ideal range required by the data center equipment

Application Cooling for critical electronic applications Room air conditioning for human occupants
Range Of Cooling/Heating Capacity Per Individual Air
Conditioning Unit
5-150 kW (partially modular) 2-30 kW
Proportion Of Capacity Sensible/Latent 85-100%/0-15% 50-70%/30-50%
Control Accuracy ±0.5 K / ±3 % rel. hum. ± 1-2 K
Humidity Regulation Controlled humidity (to help avoid electrostatic charge) Unregulated dehumidification (for comfortable
environmental cooling)
Air Volume 5,000-30,000 m3/h 300-2,000 m3/h
Air Outlet Speed 2-3 m/s 0.2-0.5 m/s
Noise Level In Room 45-70 dB(A) 20-40 dB(A)
Diversity Of Options Very large, due to individual production Lower, due to mass production
Operator Controls More intricate Basic temperature setting
Cycle Of Operation 24 x 7 x 365 Seasonal operation with time-dependent setpoint changes
software And Firmware Updates Needed on a regular basis Not normally required
Use With Raised Floor Installations In most cases Very rarely
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