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Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a having global exposure as Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributor and dealers of ups system , uninterruptible power supplier , ups power suppliers in mumbai, Prostar ups suppliers in mumbai, Prostar ups dealers, Prostar ups dealers in Mumbai. As headquarter is in economic capital of India, located in Mumbai and branches at PAN India. Costa Power Industries Pvt. Ltd. had started its operation in the field Since year successfully offering turnkey project services in the field of Electrical, Automation, Instrumentation, Energy Saving and Control with qualified & experience working team with solid technical background.

Costa power design, build and service for Data centers, Communication networks, Commercial and industrial applications We support today with a portfolio of power, thermal and infrastructure management solutions by help of principal Company Vertiv. Costa Power offer unsurpassed global scale and broad expertise, built from our heritage as top ups dealers in Mumbai and providing Prostar ups distributors in Mumbai.


Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd is a leading Dealers, Supplier of line interactive UPS systems in India. We specialize in building line interactive UPS systems that are best suited for use in Indian climatic conditions and are delivered at price-points that meet the expectations of Indian businesses across diverse sectors and sizes. Apart from working to deliver a pure sine wave output, our UPS system comes with features such as stable eco-mode and no-load shutdown, humanized alarm systems, cold start, and the capability to auto-restart when mains power is restored. Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd supplies line interactive UPS systems between the capacity range of 500 VA ~ 3000 VA. Line interactive UPS systems are a mix of the online and offline UPS systems, and bring some unique advantages. They are best suited for applications that typically face voltage fluctuations. These systems incorporate an automatic voltage regulator or a tap-changing transformer. This allows line interactive UPS systems to provide power conditioning. They can step up or step down the incoming line voltage without shifting to battery power. Some line interactive UPS systems might draw power from the batteries to correct power fluctuations. In such cases, they might utilize the batteries more often than online UPS systems. Apart from providing power conditioning, line interactive UPS systems also act as reliable power backup units during power outages.

PM600 (500VA - 6000 VA)

  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • DSP digital control
  • Boost and Buck AVR for voltage stabilization
  • Auto sensing frequency
  • Humanized alarm systems

Costa Power Industries Pvt Ltd online UPS with inbuilt isolation transformer are intelligent 3phase power supply units enabled with double-transform high-frequency PWM and high performance DSP digital control technology. The online UPS with isolation transformer offers reliable protection, improved network management functions and smooth man and machine interface. Our online UPS systems with isolation transformer are designed to meet the high reliability requirements for uninterrupted power and integrate characteristics of new generation low- frequency UPS systems.

We offer different types of online UPS systems with isolation transformer. The type of isolation used in the UPS system depends on the type of application and the type of UPS system selected. UPS with inbuilt isolation transformer uses 3 different types of isolation. Galvanic isolation between input and output, input isolation between mains and battery, and isolation between DC circuit and UPS system output.

Modular UPS solutions from ProstarM come with a wide range of input voltage and hot swappable operation for all modules. This feature cuts the repair time of the UPS system and reduces its maintenance costs. Hot Swappable design also means that the UPS solutions make power reconfiguration easy for businesses as their requirement change over time. Modular UPS system is easy to install, upgrade and reconfigure, saving considerable time and costs for businesses.

  • High frequency : Online double conversion with DSP control
  • Hot Swappable :operation for all modules
  • Inbuilt Intergrated : PDU system, easy installation and enconamic initial investment
  • Wide Input Voltage :range 50Hz / 60Hz audio sensing frequency
  • Input : power factory >0.99, Input THDi 3%, output THDV 5%
  • Power :flexibility from 25 - 125 kva
  • Utmost : availability
  • Modular : hot-swappable
  • Scalability : & redundancy
  • Outstanding : performance

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