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A credential is an attestation of qualification, competence, or authority issued to an individual by a third party with a relevant or de facto authority or assumed competence to do so and now we feel proud as we get from all vendors, stockists and OEM’s. Within criteria our new clientele also trust on our credentials by giving repeated orders. This shows that CPIPL is emerged a leader in electronic equipment and power industry in very short span of time. For any requirement, power backup for commercial and industrial purpose, CPIPL have potential & capacity to fulfills it as ups dealers, ups battery dealers, ups suppliers, distributors in all parts of India. Ultimately our goal is client satisfaction, and repeated business from said client.

Costa Power never compromise on product sales and service at any step or circumstances. We nurture ourselves as we are supplying material at PAN India level and turns our hand in Exports also. And all happened due to our credentials as Costa Power team trust, reliability which is not honored by us only but our supplier chain believe in us and trust on our credentials. All vendors are happy to do work with us and surely in our success their role is very much notable.

We feel proud as CPIPL is global market leader in ups supplier, ups battery dealers, ups dealers and all brands like APC ups dealers, Emerson ups dealers, Numeric ups dealers, Luminous ups dealers, Hitachi ups dealers, Microtek ups dealers as well as Exide battery dealers in Mumbai, quanta battery dealers & Panasonic battery dealers, quanta battery dealer in Mumbai as well in PAN India basis. In short span of time CPIPL gained trust in market and major supplier in the field of power equipment industries. We have expertise in some degree of experience & excellence, such as the outcome of team’s effort & dedication.

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